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Translated Lyrics
Today, once again, my every craving
Fills the square, grey sky
The reason I can keep walking
Without losing sight of the light

Is because you always taught me
That there are pure things
Left even in the corners of this town

When you laid your exhausted body down and went to sleep
I watched you, holding my breath
I am the only person in the whole world
Who knows your sweet, helpless profile

One day, when the sun's rays poured down like usual
And a gentle wind fluttered by

Alone, I felt something inside me
Become strong and sure

The reason my tears overflowed even though I wasn't sad
Was because your love penetrated the scars deep in my heart
So deeply it hurt
And turned them into tenderness

If you meet a deep sadness one day
I hope you share it with me
I can do anything for your smile
My precious treasure
My precious treasure

(Translation by Kiwi Musume)

My Precious Treasure © Brittany
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